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In this section you will find resources related to RCMP best practices around sexual assault investigations, definitions, and details about the legal process they follow when responding to sexualized violence.

RCMP: Intro

RCMP Sexual Assault Investigations - Best Practices

This document gives an overview of important definitions, relevant legal concepts, psychology of victimization and sexual assault investigation best practices.

RCMP: Conclusion

Important Definitions

Familiarize yourself with these definitions. They are very important for understanding how the RCMP codes information in their system.

RCMP: About My Project

Not Cleared By Charge is the new Unfounded

RCMP changed the way they code files in 2018 resulting in significantly fewer files being categorized as "unfounded"... but way more files ending up somewhere in the "not cleared by charge" categories.

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RCMP: About My Project
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